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History of TW200/225.



>>冒険家 風間深志


「TWがオフロードバイクである」というスタイルが変化していったのは、ストリート系、スカチューンといったカスタムが確立された1990年代後半から。 ヤマハは丸型ライト、小型ウィンカーを装備したTW200Eを発売。後にそれがレギュラーモデルとなり、オフロードではなく「ストリートモデル」として進化していく。

TWのカスタム車がキムタク主演のドラマで採用されたことから、その人気に拍車がかかり、2000年にはフロントがディスクブレーキとなったTW200E(DG07J)が登場。 そして、2002年にはフルモデルチェンジでセロー系のエンジンを搭載し排気量をアップ、2008年に生産終了となったTW225E(DG09J)へとつながっていく。

車体構成など基本的な部分は変わらないものの、角型ライトから丸型の小型ライトへ、ブロックタイヤから亀甲パターンのオンロードタイヤへ、ドラムからディスクブレーキへ、 そして200ccから225ccへと排気量をアップし、オフロードでの性能ではなく、ストリートでの快適性を求めて「進化」してきたTWシリーズ。


The TW200 (2JL), which appeared in 1987, has fat tires mounted on the body of the XT200 equipped with a 195cc engine. It was born based on the concept of including a "road without road" that has a different purpose from the Trek Ride of the Selo 225 (1KH).

The fact that the adventurer, Shinji Kazama, reached the North Pole on the TW200 is known to everyone.

Originally it is a model that demonstrates off-road ability, but it may be difficult to imagine it due to the strength of the “street color”.

The style that "TW is an off-road bike" has changed since the latter half of the 1990s when customs such as street style and ska tune were established. Yamaha released the TW200E equipped with a round light and a small blinker. Later it became a regular model and evolved as a "street model" instead of off-road.

Since TW's custom car was adopted in a drama starring Kim Tak, its popularity has spurred, and in 2000, the TW200E (DG07J) with front disc brakes appeared. Then, in 2002, a full model change was carried and a displacement engine was installed to increase the displacement, leading to the TW225E (DG09J), which was discontinued in 2008.

Although the basic parts such as the body structure do not change, the displacement from square light to round small light, block tires to on-road tires with a tortoiseshell pattern, drums to disc brakes, and 200cc to 225cc However, the TW series has been "evolved" for comfort on the street, not for off-road performance.

However, knowing that its roots were born from a pure off-road concept, you must be able to enjoy the TW series with a slightly different feel.


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